Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn


Gone Girl really was a page turner. The phrase ‘What the f***?’ crossed my mind several times while reading this, it was so full of twists.

Amy’s disappearance sparks the action and as the story unfolds the reader becomes overwhelmed by the different explanations of what has happened – who do I believe, who can I trust, whose side do I take? And that suspense is maintained throughout the story.

Gone Girl is an inverted fairytale. It starts with the happily ever after and then it all goes wrong. Nick finds that Amy’s gone missing on their 5th wedding anniversary and calls the police. But there is something off about his reactions. A media frenzy surrounds the case (an aspect of the novel I found interesting – the way the media can really affect a case). Amy’s diary is found, it starts out with the early days of their relationship then the two stories – Amy and Nick’s – start to converge. Most people think that Nick is guilty. He tells little lies to the police but why? Amy’s diary is odd too, it doesn’t quite ring true. Where is she? Who is telling the truth?

The sense of confusion lasts long after you close the book. You are left shocked. I was frustrated by the ending. Why would Nick choose to stay? Gone Girl is a book that toys with the reader’s emotions. We are manipulated and lied to by both narrators, they are both unreliable. You go from liking a character, feeling sympathy for them to hating them in the space of a page. It keeps you guessing. It is a stay-up-late-to-know-what-happens-next sort of a read – a true page-turner. It is a psychologically intriguing but utterly jarring – it is not for the faint at heart.

I really liked this and read it in about 2 days. I would thoroughly recommend it to any fans of the crime/psychological thriller genre.


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