Jurassic Park – Michael Crichton


We all know the story. Scientists obtain dinosaur DNA from bloodsucking insects that have been trapped in amber for millions of years, and use it to recreate dinosaurs. Deciding this scientific breakthrough can be monetised, a theme park is built on a remote jungle island to showcase the dinosaurs. A group of experts are invited to visit the island to test the impact and satisfy some safety concerns. The owner’s grandchildren come too. It doesn’t go as planned.

The film stays relatively close to the novel although the latter has much more detail in it. There are some differences in the characters – Hammond is more ruthless than naïve, Lex is the younger sibling in the novel and much more bratty. In the novel you find out why the triceratops is sick – the film never tells you.

Throughout the novel the science behind everything is explained without ever being boring.

It is action-packed and it was still a page-turner even though I’ve seen the movie a milion times. It’s obviously not high-brow literature but we don’t always want that. I liked it.


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